Senior Prosecutor Adolphus Delpleche minced no words in castigating investigator Cpl. Colin May and others responsible for the tardiness in ensuring proper presentation of typed transcripts of witnesses’ statement.

An issue regarding the clarity of witnesses’ statements in a murder Preliminary Inquiry (PI), and the attitude of some in authority, may have been the impetus for an angry response from Senior Prosecutor Adolphus Delpleche during on Monday’s sitting of the Serious Offences Court.

The Prosecutor, in expressing his disgust, referred to the investigator Corporal Colin May as a “dastardly liar,” as an unaccustomed drama unfolded at the Court.

The matter involved Frankie Joseph of Long Piece, Lowmans Windward, who is charged with the February 21, 2020 murder of Henry Parsons also of Long Piece.

Parsons has reportedly bled to death following a stabbing incident at Long Piece on the date as referenced.

Initially, there both the Prosecution and Defence moved to have the P.I done by Paper Committal Procedure, but this could not be done, because the witnesses’ statements could not be read clearly when the matter came up for hearing on Monday.

As a result, Delpleche indicated his intention to take the evidence of Corporal May, and May was summoned.
However, Joseph’s attorney Jomo Thomas insisted on a Paper Committal Procedure, and called on the investigator and others to do what was required to ensure the clarity of the statements.

At this point, the Senior Prosecutor told the Court that in another matter in which Corporal May was the arresting officer, he had told May to type some statements for him, and May told him that someone in authority told him not to type them.

“This burns me!” a visibly upset Delpleche shouted.

“You could remember that?” the Prosecutor asked Corporal May, who replied, “I can’t recall.”

But the Prosecutor, himself a former police officer of several years of experience, was more irate in his expression of disbelief in Corporal May’s response.

“You are a dastardly liar!” he shouted to the investigator, as persons in the gallery, mostly police officers, followed the drama keenly.

“That’s a dangerous accusation,” Corporal May replied.

“I can defend myself,” the Prosecutor responded firmly.

When the Court resumed a degree of normalcy, Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne contended, “The statements are not clear for Paper Committal. In this day and age, we have to put our house in order. Statements must be clear.”

Thomas suggested that the Court should make an order for Corporal May and others to do what they were required to in the first place.

The Chief Magistrate said that she would take oral evidence only from Pathologist Dr. Ronald Child, who was present, and e ordered that all other witness statements be typed and disclosed on or before December 18.

The P.I has been adjourned to January 5 and will proceed via Paper Committal Procedure.

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