In St Vincent and the Grenadines, cannabis is grown mainly on the mountains surrounding La Soufriere Volcano, which is currently is in an effusive eruption phase.
As a result of this eruption, growers have been asked , for their own safety, to vacate the surrounding areas , leaving unattended thousands of dollars worth of produce in which they have invested, following the passage of an amnesty law, which makes it legal for them to grow their ganja and to sell it to licensed purchasers

“It is as if we have been struck with a double dose of poison” says one farmer.” “First, it was Covid . Everybody else get some kind of Stimulus, except the ganja man and his family”.

Interestingly, traditional growers welcomed the Amnesty because they see it as an opportunity to transition from their illicit and unsustainable economic activities to more stable and sustainable ways. They have gone the extra mile by crediting and borrowing monies from friends and relatives for this venture.

Suddenly, up comes the Volcano, impacting upon them more than anyone else.

The Cannabis Revival Committee, CRC, is therefore calling on the government, and also, the Parliamentary Opposition, and concerned Vincentians for their support, to allow traditional cultivators to move their stored cannabis to more secured and safer grounds, without it being seized by the police, bearing in mind, the nature of the Amnesty, as well as growers livelihood.

Yours sincerely,
Junior Spirit Cottle.

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  1. Spirit is nothing more than a leech. He knows that the ganja farmers have achieved no major benefits since the laws were passed. He is trying to create a scenario to give the impression that ganja farmers will not make money if there is an eruption. They have been struggling for year’s doing their own thing. The changing of the laws have brought little benefit, except for planting closer to him and less harassment from police in the hills.
    The ganja farmers have been always getting the bitter end of the stick and Cottle knows this. He is in cohort with the ulp regime and will not call them out for the treatment being meted out to ganja farmers. He is now making up stories. No ganja farmer planting on the slopes of the country has taken out any loans to plant ganja. He has never make a serious argument to help farmers get covid support. He was part of the botched implementation of the amnesty. No marketing benefit is happening for farmers and this is their real beef. Come again Spirit Cottle !

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