Leon ‘Bigger Biggs’ Samuel, who has been locked in a battle with government both in and out the court since 2011, said on Wednesday that he was “comfortable” with what he terms “a magnificent team of lawyers,’ and relaxed with the new situation.

He expressed that he was focusing on “how to survive economically.”

These sentiment were expressed during a press briefing held at the Chambers of Attorney Jomo Thomas, last Wednesday.

Thomas is one of two layers, the other being Akin John, who are representing Samuel in his ongoing court matter with the government.

The briefing came in the wake of a December 16, 2020 ruling by Justice Esco Henry, in which she dismissed the Governor General’s (i.e. the State’s) application for leave to appeal a decision made June 24, 2020, in a matter involving Samuel.

On June 24, the Court ruled there were no Crown lands in Rabacca close to where Samuel was operating his Mining Operation, trading as Bigger Cement and Aggregate Inc.

The issue involved property rights to lands at Rabacca where Samuel was conducting mining operations. His claim to the property, which was filed originally in 2019, challenged government’s claim that nine acres of land in question were Crown lands. The Court ruled in his favour.

John praised Samuel for his courage to stand up to the state and is of the view that Samuel has been “vindicated.”
Bigger Cement Aggregate Inc., has until January 29 to assess what their costs will be. The Governor General, technically the State, will have to make that payment.

Source :The Vincentiam

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  1. The ULP government will never make payments as ordered by any court. The comrade himself once said “you can go to any court you like, but at the end of the day you will have to come back to papa”

    Total disregard to rule of law, the courts, and even the Constitution.

    Bigs case is a case that should be taken to the international court in the Hague and laid before the court as a human rights violation.

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