Officials of The Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment, has confirmed that COVID-19 cases are now being seen in health districts all across St Vincent and the Grenadines.
In a virtual press conference held on Tuesday 26th January 2021, Epidemiologist, Tamara Bobb updated the nation on the distribution of Covid-19 cases with no travel history.

Bobb revealed that 47% of females compared to 35% of males are infected with Covid-19, while the gender for 18% of cases cannot be identified.

The Epidemiologist also disclosed that most persons who become infected are between the ages of 25 to 44. This age group accounts for 37.5% of all cases with no travel history. The 15– 24 age group has 12.9% of cases while the 45-54 age group has 11.9% of cases.

According to Bobb, cases have been recorded in all age groups.
The Epidemiologist indicated that over 50% of the cases reside in the Calliaqua, Pembroke and Georgetown Health Districts.

The Calliaqua Health District currently has the majority of cases (20.1%). This district spans Arnos Vale to Stubbs while the Pembroke (Campden Park to Barroullie) and Georgetown Health Districts (Georgetown to Fancy) accounts for 19% and 16% of cases respectively. Bobb noted that Covid-19 cases are present in all districts so precaution must be taken.

According to the Epidemiologist a preliminary analysis of the data has been done, and further analysis is yet to be initiated after additional information is obtained.

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