Vincentian entrepreneur Andie Jackson has launched a marketing and promotions program aimed at identifying and exposing Vincentian sporting talent to the world.

In a recent interview with ANN, Jackson said he had identified a need for exposure and to create greater opportunities for talented athletes in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, hence his decision to launch the program Expose SVG.

“Too often we have seen many national athletes struggle financially and academically in their respective discipline and that’s why I launched the Marketing program.

“As a young Entrepreneur we are faced with many problems in St. Vincent – financial support, local recognition, establishing relationships with the sporting bodies. We are also aware of the various legalities and are in the process of acquiring our Agent License from FIFA,” Jackson told ANN.

Expose SVG has a four-member marketing committee: Marcus McIntosh (Players Overseas Representative), a former Technical Director of the Grenada Football Federation and founder of the Grenada Sports and Wellbeing Foundation; Mazi Judah (Personal Coach), a former national player and a legend; Jeremy Charles (Chief Operations Officer) and Andie Jackson (CEO / Media Personnel).

“We are focusing on football at the moment as we see a greater need in the sporting discipline. We currently have four players signed to the program, and we already have a few clubs overseas who are interested in them, but we’re monitoring the COVID pandemic closely,” he said.

The young Vincentian entrepreneur said most of the players were scouted through the national teams and national competitions but as the talent search widens, the program “will also be focusing on grassroots in the upcoming months.”

Meanwhile, athletes interested in the marketing and promotions program can contact Expose SVG via its social media platforms and send clips of their performance to [email protected]

Former national athletes or business entities interested in the program are also welcomed.