Pace Developments St. Vincent Inc. is aware of allegations made on a recent
social media blog regarding a Black Sands project and receiving 300 Million of investors’ monies.

We vehemently deny these allegations; as they are false.

We wish to make it patently clear that Pace Developments St. Vincent Inc.
has never been contacted by any authorities, investigators, accounting or legal firms with respect to these allegations.

Pace Developments St. Vincent
Inc. will vigorously defend its reputation against these baseless falsehoods.
Pace Developments St. Vincent Inc., is a company which prides itself on
integrity in its business dealings.

We want the Vincentian public to
understand that we remain committed to being a respectable employer on the Island, while supporting the local economy, and constructing a world-
class facility.

Pace Developments St. Vincent Inc. will continue to work on the project, with the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and its people, as we all strive to develop a tourist destination of the highest standard.
Due to the Covid-19 ravaging global pandemic, Pace Developments

St. Vincent Inc. has attempted to balance construction progress with the health and safety of our employees, by implementing COVID safety protocols to keep the project moving forward.

Lawyer Grahame Bollers representing PACE Development St Vincent INC explained that .

Defamation caselaw establishes that there is no human right guaranteed by the Constitution which permits a person to destroy another person’s reputation by publishing defamatory information . “The liberty to communicate (and receive) information has a similar place in a free society but it is important always to remember that it is the communication of information not misinformation which is the subject of this liberty. There is no human right to disseminate information that is not true. No public interest is served by publishing or communicating misinformation. The working of a democratic society depends on the members of that society being informed not misinformed. Misleading people and the purveying as facts statements which are not true is destructive of the democratic society and should form no part of such a society. There is no duty to publish what is not true: there is no interest in being misinformed. (Reynolds v Times Newspapers and others (House of Lords)

I also wish to point out that at common law every oral or written republication of a libel is a new defamation and if committed by different persons each one is liable as if the defamatory statement had originated from him even if it is clear that the defendant is purporting to report what someone else has published.

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