Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne is expected to rule today (Friday) on attorney Grant Connell’s no case submission in the case of Nigerian national Eunice Dowers, who is facing 54 charges of dishonesty.

Dowers is on trial on charges of stealing thousands of dollars, the property of Managing Director of Star Garage Bertille ‘Silky’ DaSilva, as well as taking a credit card from him, without his consent.

Dowers is additionally charged, with intent to defraud First Caribbean International Bank, obtained services by representing without DaSilva’s consent.

Dowers is also charged with, pretending to be the holder of a credit card issued to DaSilva, did convert criminal property which was unlawfully withdrawn from DaSilva’s credit card account which Dowers knew or suspected, directly or indirectly represented the proceeds of criminal conduct.

The offences were reportedly committed between September 2018 and January 2019 while Dowers was employed at Star Garage.

Dowers initially came to these shores as a medical student and got married to a Vincentian. She was later employed at Star Garage first as a secretary, then as Customs Broker.

The trial started at the Serious Offences Court last year, and was adjourned on several occasions.

No case submission

Connell made a no case submission on Monday following the closure of the Prosecution’s case on Friday, February 19.

The lawyer argued that Investigating Officer Corporal Andy James failed to specify under which limb of Section 4 of the Electronic Funds Transfer Act, 2014, that Dowers was charged with the theft of the card.

The lawyer also pointed out that the charge of theft from DaSilva’s chequing account was without merit, because the cheque books that were before the court belonged to Star Garage, but in law, Bertille DaSilva and Star Garage were two different entities.

The lawyer said that the prosecution failed to make out a prima facie case on this which should have a domino effect on the other charges which are hinged.

But Prosecuting Officer Crown Counsel Rose Ann Richardson maintained that Dowers has a case to answer.

If the Chief Magistrate upholds Connell’s submission, Dowers would walk free. However, if she overrules, the defence would decide whether or not Dowers would take the stand to give her version of the events.

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