Interim Manager for the St Vincent and the Grenadines Senior Men’s Football Team- Renson Haynes, has put on his list of priorities for his tenure , the “players’ well- being.”

Haynes, a former national footballer, was announced as the team’s Interim Manager last Thursday as a replacement for Rohan Thomas Jr. who resigned 8th February.

In an interview last Tuesday, an excited Haynes said that he believed that he is best suited for the job, as he has an idea of the players’ need, having been in their position.

“I have been there too as a national player under the same system… I know what I am here for, some things that I am going to look into… My first and foremost thing is the well-being of the players… That is my number one thing… I will do what I have to do as the Manager to make sure that I do things above and beyond in that regard,” Haynes promised.

Confessing to embracing the new position with humility and honour, Haynes, though, posited that he wants to make an impression during his tenure.

“It is a good thing for me, being that I liaise between the (SVG) Football Federation and the players… I have always had my passion… I have always wanted to be in this position to represent the players and do some things administratively on behalf of the (SVG) Football Federation,” Haynes shared.

He noted that despite having to take up such an important role on such short notice and just before the team’s participation in the CONCACAF World Cup Qualifiers next month, he is at ease, given his familiarity with most of the players who have been selected.

“This is an advantage, because I am not a stranger to these players and being a people person; I have connections with them… . A lot of the players and I have had communications, even if it has been in informal ways… Being familiar with the players, has made it easy for me,” he highlighted.

Last week’s release from the SVGFF’s General Secretary- Devron Poyer, announcing Haynes’ appointment, indicated that his tenure would be for the team’s first two matches against Curacao and the British Virgin Islands, 25th March and 31st March, respectively.

The same release informed that the SVGFF will be soliciting applications to fill the post contractually, “which will be communicated to our affiliate members in due course.”

Reacting to that intention by the SVGFF, Haynes was blunt. He said that when that time comes, he will be making an application for the contractual post.

Rohan Thomas Jr., the immediate former Manager, served from January 2019 to 8th February, 2021.

Source : The Vincentian

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