“There was actually a moment when I panicked. That’s when I found out that while I was doing good, there was a friend of mine who also tested positive and was battling for his life at the time. That reality broke me

While I was concerned about the possible chances of affecting those I came in contact with, my greatest fear was my daughter becoming infected.”
That was a response the recently recovered popular DJ and radio personality ‘DJ Fugitive’(Joel Bibby) gave earlier this week when ANN News asked him what were his greatest fears, especially in a case where family members might be around.

DJ Fugitive’s response to that particular question formed the platform of his deep appreciation for life, for the persons who are of importance in one’s life and the importance of following the established protocols established by international health organizations and adopted by the local health authorities.

“Cherish those who you consider to be important in your life, as they can be taken from your existence or you from theirs when it’s least expected.
“Continue to follow the safety guidelines issued by our health professionals as the fight against Covid-19 is a shared responsibility,” the popular entertainer said, when asked what advice he had for the people.

Asked if the experience was scary to him, given the experiences of others and how deadly the virus could be, Dj Fugitive replied: “It was more emotional for me than scary. The reality of knowing how this Virus operates, where you could have gone asymptomatic to experiencing symptoms in no time did create some level of fear though. Not superstitious person, but I continuously “knocked on wood” every single time I told someone that “I was doing good”.
The popular entertainer said he “experienced no symptoms whatsoever during the entire period” and was more affected by the Sahara dust passing through the region two weeks prior to having his Covid-19 test done.

“I was pretty much asymptomatic. No symptoms at all,” he said, when asked if he suffered severe illness or mild symptoms.

“Had it not been for another Co-worker testing Positive, which prompted the others to get tested, I would not have known or even seen the need to have a test done” he also stated.

DJ Fugitive said he was swabbed at a private location and was instructed to go home and Isolate until further instructed by the task force. He said he got back the result in 24 hours and he isolated at home.

DJ Fugitive said he spent 14 days in isolation.
Asked what kind of support he received during his isolation period, DJ Fugitive said he received “some level of moral support from family in particular my daughter,” and psychosocial support was achieved by the constant checkups from close friends, fans, co-workers, other family members as well as reps from the Covid Task Force.”

The popular entertainer said family members who had close contact were tested at home on the fifth day of him being tested and “oral checks were made by the medical practitioner at that same time.”

DJ Fugitive said no medication was prescribed.
“However, I was advised to drink a lot of fluids, especially plain water, eat a lot of fruits, especially those rich in Vitamin C. Along with that I continued with my daily immune system boosters which included Ginger, Garlic, Tumeric, Lime, Vitamin C & D effervescence and echinacea. Topped it off with steam therapy treatment using eucalyptus oil.”

Speaking about what it was like for him spending 14 days in quarantine, DJ Fugitive said: “During the Isolation period I was overwhelmed by the thought of being confined to the same small space or room for such long periods. Another week and I might have sunken into a state of depression as the feeling of loneliness dominated the nights.

“On the flip side however, my days were more exciting as the creative ideas/juices that paraded across my subconscious during the night were recorded and brought to reality during the day.”

And, his lesson coming out of the ordeal with Covid-19? The popular DJ and radio personality says: “No matter how popular you are or how successful you might be, there are always possibilities where situations may occur in life that can humble even the greatest in the twinkling of an eye.”

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  1. Dj fugitive is an ignorant fool, the longer we put up with all this nonsense the longer it would carry on. Over 99.9 survival rate World wide. He had no symptoms because he is healthy. You’re either sick or not. PCR can’t diagnose any disease, Kary Mullis who invented the test said this.

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