You could say what you like about me, but you see this International Women’s Day where we try to pack all the good we want to say about our women into one day, that cyar wuk!!!!

Our women are crying out 365 days a year. Some of them live through the daily abuse by their men folk, others work for slave wages to keep ‘head and foot together’. Worse, some have to prostitute themselves to see it through to another day.

Whenever I think about our women, I recall Bob Marley’s masterpiece, “No Woman No Cry’.

No woman must be allowed to cry because they are treated like second class citizens. Until we wake up and blast this Bob Marley song across the land for all to hear, all those who sexually abuse our women, all those who take advantage (sexually) of our young girls, all those who use their money to belittle our girls, all those who make sex objects (like in those music videos) of our females, and stop this ONE DAY worship of our women.

This ONE DAY things is perhaps good for those women who have made it and sit in comfortable homes. But they are the majority.

No woman in this land should be carrying.

Charles, Edinboro

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  1. Charles – good points! The day wasn’t meant as a day of worship but rather a day to remind us to pay attention to the inequities that exist. The day should be used as a platform for social change and not just celebrating with the gal pals who’ve made it. Until we all make it – none have made it.

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