Some patients at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) say they are in shock after their cellular phones were stolen on Saturday.

One source said a man entered the Maternity Ward at the MCMH about 2 a.m. on Saturday, March 20, and stole four cellular phones belonging to three patients and one of the nurses who was on duty.

The phones include a Samsung G4 Plus, a Samsung A10, and ZTE, and a Samsung J2.

One of the patients said that her phone was under her pillow.

Another witness said she saw the man and thought he was a worker at the hospital.

The man was wearing all black and had no shoes on his feet, one witness told ANN.

One patient told ANN that she is still in shock as she “can’t understand how an individual could just walk off the street and come into a ward with young children and sick people in this time when we are fighting Covid-19”.

The police were called and they took a statement and said they would conduct an investigation.

The incident at the MCMH occurred after police reported that they recovered several stolen items in a joint operation involving members of the Criminal Investigations Department and the Rapid Response Unit on March 19, 2021 that spanned from Fancy to Rillan Hill.

These items were subject of investigations and include electronics, tools, cosmetic items, music accessories removed from vehicles, solar panels and motor powered landscaping equipment.

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