By Annmarie Ballantyne

We are just over one year since the coronavirus was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation. Though WHO is not humble enough to admit it, they have been quite reckless in their advice given to the world. Irresponsible governments who slavishly follow them are equally guilty. Lives have been lost. Human activities and economies have been disrupted. Then, the experimental jab was speedily introduced as the ‘saviour to get everything back to normalcy.’The advice given by those who are paid to provide good health research and guidancehas been less than flippantat times. The glaring contradictions are vexing and inexcusable.

Our health authorities in SVG moved from unreasonably advising against the wearing of masks by the public to strongly recommending face-covering in public by all. Unfortunately,authoritiesfeel confident in apishly imitating the advice of medical technocrats like Dr Anthony Fauci. Fauci initially declared that he saw no reason persons should be walking around with masks on their faces. Now, he is recommending double masking as “common sense”, along with vaccinations. Normal has also taken on a new definition. According to the jab pushers, normal means continuing to wear masks and practise social distancing even after taking the ‘rescuer’ touted jab. The jab does not prevent infection nor transmission of the virus, according to the vaccine pundits.

Moreover, the jabs are championed as safe while no long-term studies have been done to determine their safety. Numerous adverse reactions, including deaths, have been reported by CDC VAERS and the UK yellow card reporting systems. Frontline workers are also continuing to refuse to take the ‘vaccine’. On March 20, CBS online news reported a survey showing that “almost half of all health care workers in the U.S. haven’t had the covid-19 vaccine.” While that seems to be the trend locally too, common people are met with vilifying pejorative name-calling for daring to share research to inform and caution our people.Thepackage insert of the AstraZeneca vaccine shows the content of the jab includes L-Histidine and polysorbate 80. L-Histidine can cause a drop in blood pressure and increased heart rate. Polysorbate 80 has caused serious damage torats’ reproductive system. Shouldn’t people be informed?

Some personswholeheartedly trust the jabs, whilethe manufacturers have seen it fit to secure legal immunity.They cannot be sued for any damage caused by their product. When ordinary people advocate against its use, weare reminded that we are not medical experts.Who reminds Bill Gates and Ralph Gonsalves that they are businessman and politician without medical expertise? The hypocrisy is blatant and nauseating.

Some pretend to care so much about our health, but they downplay the use of natural supplements like vitamin D3,C and the use of tested treatments. A large group of highly qualified American Frontline Doctorsreported theirresounding success in the proper administration of hydroxychloroquine with zinc and the usage of ivermectin in early treatment ofthousands of covid-19 patients. They reported that hospitalisations and deaths have significantly been reduced as a result. How did the vaccine pushers and their biased media respond to the group? The medical professionalswere censored and disparaged. Why? If the world were to know and take heed to their advice, the vaccine industry would receiveserious financial losses and the plans of the globalists would be halted.

Although the experimental jab has only received Emergency Use Authorisation,governments are attaching privileges to receiving it. While they mouth that the ‘vaccine’ is not mandatory, certain sectors are pressured into taking it.For example, van drivers in St. Vincent and the Grenadines must be vaccinated to transport an increased number of passengers. Persons travelling to SVG were promised reduced quarantine if they are vaccinated. Not only are such positions senseless but they are discriminatory. While authorities are seeking to force people’s choice, the CEO of Pfizer gave a frivolous excuse for not taking the ‘vaccine.’

In light of so many contradictions, people have to be continually vigilant, embarking upon careful vigorous research and heeding genuine life-saving advice. We must not allow ourselves to be duped. If we are sincere, the Most High God will grant us wisdom. After all, He desires that you “prosper and be in good health, even as thy soul prospereth”(3John 2).

Ann-Marie Ballantyne
[email protected]

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