The St Vincent Electricity Services (Vinlec) and the Central Water and Sewage Authority (CWSA) have both agreed to renew their moratoria on bill payments and disconnection of service as the Covid-19 pandemic continue to cause hardships.

Minister of Finance Camillo Gonsalves made the announcement last week in his ministerial statement during the sitting of parliament.

Reading from a letter from Vinlec dated March 4 th , 2021, and addressed to Prime Minister Gonsalves, the finance minister said the board of directors at a special board meeting decided to offer a 10% discount to all residential, commercial and Industrial customers for a period of three months beginning

March 20, 2021 and a moratorium on all disconnections for the period March to May 2021. He said the board also decided that the decisions will be reviewed at the end of the period.

“After receiving this letter, the cabinet, and Prime Minister specifically, has also asked the board of Vinlec to consider waiving the usual fees for reconnection of service during that period and we look forward to their favourable consideration of that decision,” he told parliament.

The finance minister said that the CWSA’s moratorium extends to the residential customers only and

runs through the end of June 2021. He said that according to the CWSA, customers who pay their bills
during the moratorium period will receive a 10% discount if they zero their balance and a 5% reduction
if they pay more than half of their monthly bill.

“The government expresses its continuing gratitude to the management of both Vinlec and the CWSAband implementing these programs in the interest of the Vincentian consumer notwithstanding thedifficulties that they will pose to each company  respective bottom line,” Gonsalves said.

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