Almost a year Vincentians complained about being robbed by persons conducting pyramid schemes here in SVG.
The scheme was being sold as a SUE- SUE hand by persons asking you to join, which promised to give you over $10,800 when your hand matures. This sounds quite tantalizing!

It is only until you realized you have been caught and robbed; examination of the scheme(s) should have been given before entering it which would have made any individuals aware that it is/was a scam they are getting into. Persons would have questioned and continues to question.

How could a SUE- SUE hand when joined with $500.00 (US) give you the returns of $10,800 (EC)? Added to it, is the case where you are supposed to get two persons to join. Also, you were told to regift hands of three which is over $4000.00, and your portion would triple the next round. In addition to this some persons were not even aware of this; they only saw the glitz and glam of receiving the prize.

The old-time days SUE-SUE is paid by the number of persons in the group with a smaller portion of money and then each person must pick a number or is given the chance to say when they would like to get their hand (s) and the persons are given their hand when their turn comes around.

Well, it is not so with the pyramid schemes. You cannot even get back a refund as it is deemed that the persons below hands did not mature, but the admins were able to get paid out. How hilarious is this! We are all poor people trying to make a living; hence the reason persons took a “risk” as some may say and entrusted their monies to the persons conducting these SUE-SUE.
What is more disgusting is some of these persons conducting these SUE-SUE are mixing religion with their selfish and dishonest act? A couple of months ago, articles were circulated and some of the very same persons who preached that this is an honest act and this is a way to double your income or blessing has been the founder and fountain of these schemes.

Let me reiterate God does not like ugly and you have made your denomination(s) looked unprincipled and deceptive. It is evident we are living in an age where we desire to get money and as mere human beings, our wish is to get as much as is possible. The heartbreaking thing is that there is no hope of persons getting back their money in these pyramid schemes. The rich are getting richer, and the poor continue to suffer.

Some persons refused to answer their phones while some claimed you have willingly given away your money. It is understood that some persons would have gained over $20,000(EC) yet these same persons who gifted you cannot get a dime. Why not split or share your earnings? Some would have gained $15,000 or even $10,000. That is blatantly selfish, we are all living is “guava crop times.”

Additionally, some of these persons who refuse to refund persons their monies professed to be Christians, educators, or even work in high-class professions/ jobs. On the bright side, some persons took the initiative to refund the persons who gifted them and did not get gifted.

My urge is for us to be aware of many scammers and using God’s name as reference who are out to rob persons of their hard earn dollars. I wish the authorities would consider this and lend a helping hand. Let us exercise caution when being told about these SUE- SUE. Unless these SUE-SUES can be carefully managed refrain from joining.

P.S- Can the authorities help? The cries are getting louder!


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