The dome has now reached the height of the crater on the western (Leeward side) of the island.

  1. Residents living on the Leeward side of the island will be able to see the glow/firey look of the
    dome as it gets darker.
  2. The MV Gem Star is docked at the Chateuabelair Jetty to transport residents evacuating from the
    communites of Fitz-Hughes, Chateaubelair and Petit Bordel.
  3. All residents of Fitz-Hughes, Chateaubelair and Petit Bordel who require transportation to get to
    the safe areas are asked to get to the Chateaubelair Jetty immediately to be evacuated.
  4. The SVG Coast Guard is at the Chateaubelair Jetty to coordinate the sea evacuation process.

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