Last Thursday May 27, High Court Judge Brian Cottle entertained one motion that ultimately stripped veteran defense attorney, Jomo Thomas, of any further legal obligations regarding accused murderer Veron Primus.

Thomas told Asbert News Network that the move was made at the behest of his former Court appointed client.

“Mr. Primus said he lost confidence in me as counsel. I suggested to him that he petition the court for a new lawyer. He did and I was removed. Counsel Michael Wyllie was selected to represent Mr. Primus. He [Primus] had different ideas as to strategy and tactics relating to the pursuit of his case,” Thomas said.

Primus’ newest counsel, again chosen from the list of legal aid service providers appointed by the Court exclusively for use by murder accused prisoners, pursued his bachelor of laws degree in England before he was called to the Bar in Trinidad and Tobago, New York and here in SVG.

Michael Wyllie Esq. has plied his trade from the law chambers of Fredricks Attorneys & Notary Public for the last six years and is noted for his work with persons accused of committing murder.

Wyllie told ANN, “I met with him [Primus] yesterday [Monday] afternoon at Her Majesty’s Prison in Kingstown where he is on remand. He gave me his file, which l am currently reviewing.

“[His murder trial is] not likely to start until the next assizes, because l have a few trials scheduled for the next few months that may not permit me to be available for his trial. However, if the court views his trial as priority, it can reschedule my other cases.”

Primus became known to the public since his April 2016 arrest for the alleged kidnapping of a young woman who also hails from his Vermont community. While police was investigating those allegations they brought murder charges against the 33 year old man who has since been convicted twice for his daring prison escapes.

His most recent foray was last December when he, according to one online publication, “escaped from prison … for the second time in over a year, to bring attention to the murder charge against him.”

The hole in the Her Majesty’s Prison roof through which Veron Primus and Ulrick Hanson escaped in Dec 2020

Primus was reported to have told the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court that his latest escape – facilitated through a damaged portion of plywood and galvanized roofing material – was his way of shedding light on the fact that he has been trying to have an audience with the Director of Public Prosecution Sejilla McDowall for some time, to no avail.

An audience which, if granted, would allow him to present new evidence in support of his innocence in the Sharlene Greaves murder case.

Magistrate Rickie Burnett jailed Primus for 24 months for escaping lawful custody, a second time, and added 3 months for the damage to government property charges.

The sentences are being served concurrently though Primus is still currently imprisoned as he awaits the trial for the alleged murder of businesswoman Sharlene Greaves, 36, whose body was discovered with stab wounds at her Bijou Real Estate agency in Arnos Vale on November 13, 2015.

Primus has also been indicted, in absentia, for the 2006 murder of 16 year old American Chantel Petro-Nixon in Brooklyn, New York.
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