As a result of the police high command having closed its investigation into the beating of Ronald Charles, a vendor from the village of Pearls in St. Andrew, who reported suffering a broken nose and other bodily injuries as a result of the ordeal, a police officer is now arrested and criminally charged with grievous harm.

Kenny Herry, a Corporal of Police was arrested and charged by officers attached to the Criminal Investigation Department on Tuesday, June 3rd, for the offence of causing grievous harm to Charles. The incident is alleged to have occurred on February 13th, at Camp Raymond in St Andrew.

Herry was granted bail to the sum of ten thousand dollars with one surety.

He has since been suspended from the active duties of the RGPF.

After the beating the victim was hospitalized in a serious condition, spending one week at the hospital.

During his hospital stay, he underwent surgery for a broken nose.

Although the victim was beaten about four months ago he continues to experience pain in the upper parts of his body.

He told the Informer following the incident that the situation, which led to his arrest and later two criminal charges, stemmed from an incident in which two men from the village fought in public and the police later intervened.

While seeking information, the police did not know who the men were, the victim was questioned about the incident but was unable to give any information.

The police left the scene and return moments later and took him into custody at Camp Raymond.

While there he was struck across the face multiple times with a police cane, his left eye became swollen while blood flowed profusely from his nose and mouth.

He was later taken to the Princess Alice Hospital but did not see a doctor.

He was then taken to the cell at the Grenville Police Station.

His condition worsened and he was taken back to the Princess Alice Hospital where he was medically examined and discharged.

As his condition further deteriorated he was forced to visit the General Hospital days later where he was admitted

Source : Grenada Informer

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