Herman Lewis proceeded on pre-retirement leave on May 31st, 2021 and will officially be retired from his position as Senior Customs Guard at the Customs and Excise Department (Customs) on December 23rd, 2021.

He spent the past thirty-three (33) years employed at the Customs Department: this made him the longest serving Customs Guards on record.

Herman Lewis joined the department on April 5th 1988 as a Junior Customs Guard and for many years was assigned at the E.T. Joshua Airport. His duties included securing the Customs area and the ramp, as well as assisting the Customs Officers in their tasks. He also worked at Port Campden Park and at the Kingstown Headquarters during his tenure.

Mr. Lewis took his tasks very seriously and never hesitated to impress upon you the gravity of a situation. His Supervisors and co-workers can attest to his impeccable attendance and punctuality record. While stationed at the airport he was accustomed to arriving for his shift ahead of time. He showed up at least thirty (30) minutes in advance to ensure a proper handover when relieving the Guard on duty.

Co-workers described Mr. Lewis as a very humorous and fun-loving man. While at the airport he was known to make friends with the Police Officers at the Fire Station and often socialized with them. His peers could always expect a good laugh as his unique skill allowed or shifting quickly between humor and sternness.

The Department held a retirement send-off for Mr. Lewis on Friday 28th May, 2021 during which he was presented with a plaque commemorating his thirty-three (33) years of service and dedication to the Customs and Excise Department, and the state of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The management and staff of the Customs and Excise Department thank Mr. Herman Lewis for his years of service and wish him God’s richest blessings on his retirement. (Source: Customs and Excise)

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