After breaking the story about the sexual assault of a 6 year old child by a 70 year old. Yet another one of his victims have spoken out.

In exchanged WhatsApp messages, the young lady explained that she was often sick from school due to health problems and her parents worked outside of the island, so she lived with her grandmother. 
She recalls that she was 5 years old during her first encounter with the accused.

On this day, she had a bad cold and stayed home with her grandmother. Her grandmother sent her to the accused’s home to get some peppers and to ask him for some salt. She said she stood

outside and shouted to the man to inform him of her visit and that her grandmother needed some salt. She went inside and stood by the fridge. She said she saw him coming down from an area in the ceiling, he then told her to go up there. She refused to go as she knew her grandmother was waiting for her return. She said he took her and lift her up and took her up, she noticed what looked like a bedroom and a face basin on the other end. She stated that he took her to his wife’s bedroom and took his pants down and told her to suck his penis. She said she began crying, he then said, “if you cry I will kill you, if you tell anybody, I will tell them that you lie and I will kill you” and he tugged her by her hair and forced her mouth onto his penis. He then forced his fingers into her vagina.

A few seconds after she could hear her grandmother shouting her name and he said to the grandmother – “tell her you were eating cake and pizza, I will kill you if you ever say a word”. Then he placed her back downstairs and she quickly went home crying. He said he was going to bake pizza and cake so she should come back later for it. �She explained to her grandmother what had happened and her grandmother quickly dismissed her claims by stating that, “he is a big church man! Stop lying”
She mentions that the incident occured over 100 times in total and that he took her to multiple rooms and even to a different house on some occasions.
He would often provide her with gifts such as money and other snacks to keep her quiet.
She outlined that she suffered from depression , wanted to commit suicide and finally had the courage to tell her mother about the situation in 2008 and that her niece was also molested by this man in 2008.

ANN will continue to bring more updates on this story.

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  1. This is so disgusting at all levels and nothing nothing was ever done about this.

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