The Dr Ralph Gonsalves-led Government was among four countries in the Caribbean that voted against an Organization of American States (OAS) bid earlier this year to pass a resolution initiate the process of Venezuela’s suspension from the organization.

Former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell is saying that the Gonsalves government does not have the moral authority to take such position on Venezuela’s situation because while St Vincent and the Grenadines has benefited, and continues to benefit, the government does have the best interest of the people of Venezuela at heart.

Sir James’ comments came Tuesday while on the OMG In The Morning programme on Boom FM. He was at the time highlighting some of the matters dealt with at the recent meeting of members of Interaction Council – an organization which is made up of former Presidents and Prime Ministers around the world.The situation in Venezuela was among matters discussed.

Sir James said that at the recent Interaction Council meting a document on the Venezuela situation was drafted by him and a number of former leaders, including those of Latin American countries, supported it.

“I wanted the world to know that St Vincent was not unified on this position of supporting Maduro and Chavez,” he said. “But the point I wanted to make, and so did the ex-Bolivian Presidennt wanted to make, that government signing this position it does mean it represents total opinion in their country. And I would go further and say, sooner or later, the Venezuelan regime will collapse and we who it ignored will be on the right side of history.”

Sir James said people should not forget Venezuela’s contribution, historically, to St Vincent and the Grenadines.He noted that when a former investor in Mustique went bankrupt it was a Venezuelan who rescued that island. He said that all those persons who own homes and their children have been educated through Mustique ought to look back and say ‘Venezuela helped us, too, and helped us directly.’

“But I mean to say, you are going to adopt an attitude because you got some money out of somebody, if they are torturing their own brothers and sisters and children you will not stand up against it? Is there any morality in this world?” he asked.

Sir James said he would remain passionate about helping people in this world. He said one day there will be change in Venezuela and it will change forever.

“You got some money out of the people but you have not taken a position which is in the best interest of the people. You want to support a government that has forced two and a half million of its people out of its country? Have we no conscience?”

Responding to a question by the programme’s host Dwight ‘Bing’ Joseph as to if he was saying that the Dr Gonsalves gonvernment had no morality because of their position on the Venezuela situation,  Sir James said: “I am saying they have no moral authority in their position. There’s no moral authority in their position. There is a financial consideration, no moral authority.”


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