Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, who has responsibility for national security and legal affairs, is expecting that a coroner’s inquest will soon be held for the shooting death of Ronique Chewitt, alias ‘War Teacher,’ of Glen.
Chewitt was shot by police on April 19th, this year, at Gibson Corner. He was said to be a suspect in a shooting incident at Heritage Square.

“Every quarter or so, I ask my permanent secretary in the Ministry of National Security to get in touch with the DPP (Director of Public Prosecutions), the Chief Magistrate, the Commissioner of Police and the Attorney General – and those whom I interface with, the Commissioner of Police and the Attorney General. All pending cases where somebody dies in sudden or unnatural cases, and where no one has been charged, or no one who’s suspected reasonably has been charged, they must bring the matters speedily in front of the coroner’s court for an adjudication.

For instance, the police shot and killed someone who goes by the name ‘War Teacher’ – I can’t remember his name – about two or three months I am hopeful they’ll bring this matter before the coroner’s jury fairly swiftly. And I insist on it. Because, Mr. Speaker – I’m glad this question was asked so the public will know the sort of individual that’s here as Prime Minister in defense of people’s rights,” Dr. Gonsalves said.

Prime Minister Gonsalves raised the matter of the inquest as he responded to a question in parliament on Thursday submitted by Opposition Senator Marcia Barnwell who wasn’t present in Parliament.

Senator Barnwell asked Prime Minister Gonsalves whether he was concerned by a statement of an accused man that claimed the Commissioner of Police participated in beating him resulting in serious injury; and whether he would ensure that an investigation into the matter is conducted.

Suspended police constable Ettian Charles, who was at the time a suspect in the armed robbery of Dr. Twana Browne-Caesar, wife of agricultural Minister Saboto Caesar, has accused police commissioner Colin John of beating him.