SVG coastguard service has come in for some high praises. In a correspondence to Commander Brenton Caine, Commander of the SVG Coast Guard, the fishing community of Rose Place through a letter from the Goodwill Fisherman’s Co-operative Limited has conveyed thanks to the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Coast Guard Service for their swift and effective response in assisting a member of that community, who experienced difficulty at sea on the western side of the Fort Charlotte Point.

The particulars relating to the incident revealed that on 22.11.18 about 1:45 p.m. a fisherman experienced distress at sea and after contacting the SVG Coast Guard base for assistance, the fisherman was rescued by a swift responding Coast Guard, whose officers were able to rescue and return him along with his boat safely to Rose Place.
According to the letter, the prompt and effective response from the Coast Guard averted a situation that could have possible ended tragically for the fisherman involved.

The Commissioner of Police, Mr. Colin John, along with the rank and file of the Police Force joins with the fishing community of Rose Place and commends Commander Brenton Cain and the rank and file officers of the Coast Guard Service for the diligence and bravery exhibited in executing their motto “dedicated to saving lives”.

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