Deputy Commissioner of Police Frankie Joseph says the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Forceis sending what he describes as a ‘shock message’ to criminals operating withinthese shores.

At a press conference at police headquarters yesterday, deputy commissioner Joseph said the police will be relentless in their combat against the criminals as they fight to make St Vincent and the Grenadines a safe haven for law-abiding citizens and visitors. He was at the time speaking about the nation’s peace and security especially around the Christmas season and the important 9 Mornings – a growing festival unique to this country and which has been attracting interests from overseas.

“I know this is the Christmas season and we have our 9 mornings celebrations will be starting soon. And we also will be having 9 Morning celebrations not only in capital Kingstown; we have 9 Mornings celebrations in all of the various communities and we have to make sure that our citizens, and our visitors, … whether 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning, according to where they are residing, can come to participate in these 9 Mornings celebrations,” he said.

The deputy commissioner of police further stated: “So, we are sending to the criminals out there, a shock message that we are on their backs and we are relentless in this fight and this is a fight that they cannot win.”

The deputy chief of police comments came one day after his officers conducted a raid and seized a number of firearm and ammunition in the Brighton-Diamond area.

The deputy commissioner told reporters that police on Wednesday conducted what he described as “anintelligence-driven operation” to get the weapons of crime.

“We have recovered 5 firearms along with a number of ammunition. We have recovered two 12-gauge shotguns, one MK rifle, one .357 Magnum and one Glock. Also, we have one white mask and a number of ammunition. To be exact, we have fifty-six 5.56 ammunition, 8 rounds of Glock ammunition and 6 shotgun rounds. We have also recovered two extended magazines which are outside of the normal size that the Glock will carry,” the deputy commissioner of police stated.

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