Prediabetes Local health practitioners are meeting at the Methodist Church Hall this week in a consultation and workshop as part of the “Integrated Team-Based Care Model for Diabetes.”   

The consultation and workshop are the first of three components of the capacity building project for the prevention and control of diabetes; a partnership between the Governments of the Republic of China on Taiwan and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The one week consultation and workshop has as its main objective to design a model of care for type 2 diabetes that is integrated, team based, patient-centered and addresses lifestyle risk factors and self-management.

Speaking at a brief ceremony to officially open the workshop on Monday January 14th, 2019 Chief Health Promotion Officer in the Ministry of Health Patsy Wyllie, who was part of a three member team which visited Taiwan to observe and gather information about Taiwan’s model of the program, applauded the partnership which she said has an investment of two million dollars. Wyllie said that they are fully aware of the impact of diabetes on individuals, families and the country and that the investment and expertise of the Taiwanese is welcomed in the fight against diabetes in SVG.

Dr. Yung-Wei Hsu who is leading the Taiwanese Medical team here to help implement the project said he hopes through the program to contribute to helping people who are suffering with diabetes. He added that his hospital in Taiwan is credited with being the first to implement the team care model in his country and that his team has more than twenty years of experience.

And Dr. Del Hamilton the project coordinator explained that there are three components to the project. The first component is being done through the week long consultation and workshop. The second component of the project deals with heath care facilities. Dr. Hamilton said that this has to do with providing training for local health care providers adding that one such group has already visited Taiwan for two months and another group of at least ten will be visiting shortly.

The third component will look at community participation, more specifically, self-based care. Dr. Hamilton said that this component is important as research has shown that when dealing with chronic diseases, health practitioners must have a partnership with their clients, making them equal partners in the management of their conditions to be successful.

The one-week consultation and workshop will also seek to develop strategies for the early detection and management of in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

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