Customers would be asked to pay more on their electricity bills come the end of January 2019 .

A release from the sole supplier of electricity the St. Vincent Electricity Services Limited (Vinlec) wishes to advise it’s customers that the fuel Surcharge Rate applicable on bills for the month of January is 39.21 cents per unit. This figure represents a slight increase from the December 2018 rate, which was 38.50 cents per unit.

Vinlec recorded an average fuel surcharge rate of 37.31 cents per unit in 2018 this was reflective of the price trends over the period the release states .

Vinlec encourages customers to monitor control energy consumption as the final amount bill depends on how much energy is utilize.

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  1. But salary would not go up such a shame, it best we invest now in generators and tell them keep they power we good.

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