The Old Montrose, Lower Kingstown Park and Lodge Village Community Group, as part of the annual National Heroes Day fair and cultural event held at New Town, formerly known as Block 2000, recognized three icons who made valuable contributions over the years to the development of that constituency.

Those recognized were: former Minister of Culture John Horne, school principal Roslyn Peters and former cultural artist Arnold ‘Toushie’ Jack.

Horne is a former Member of Parliament for West Kingstown. He has been involved in culture for decades. He was involved in carnival, he was a member of the New Kingstown Chorale, he was Minister of Culture and he is an entrepreneur.

Peters has been operating Petersville Primary School located at Lower Kingstown Park for decades.

Jack, a mason by profession, was involved in mas for decades and was involved with one of this country’s leading and most successful steel orchestras, Starlift.

Central Kingstown’s Member of Parliament Major St Clair Leacock, addressing the ceremony last week Thursday, said he was particularly happy that Horne was being honoured. He explained that what is now a part of Central Kingstown was actually once a part of West Kingstown before the electoral boundary shift some decades ago.

“And John is one of the best political example you could ever have had as a representative,” Major Leacock said as he lauded the contributions of the cultural icon.

Major Leacock further stated that Horne he was a living example of a good social person having been involved in sports, culture, banking and finance, and in the way he relates to other persons.

Major Leacock lauded Peters for her valiant contribution to national development as an entrepreneur, operating a school which has turned out so many people who have gone on to make their valuable contribution to society.

The Central Kingstown MP also Jack as a cultural icon who made his contribution to the community having been involved mas and steelpan which are two major components of Vincy Mas.

Jack’s son Ezzie Roberts has been involved for years in mas participation and with the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) festival, organizing rural carnival activities as part of the national festival. Another son, Dean ‘Jahwe’ Roberts, a tradesman and small business operator has had a long association with Starlift.

Jack with two of his sons at Award

The opportunity was also taken to recognize the contribution of food business operator Clydette Dupont.

Dupont’s son is a former national footballer who was also a member of the 1979 team that achieved 2nd place in the CFU competition.

In his comments to highlight distinguishing features between a political and community event, Major Leacock noted that during the promotion of the event, it was the Old Montrose, Lower Kingstown Park and Lodge Village Community Group that was named as organizer and not the New Democratic Party (NDP), even though it was held under his auspices.

“There are some things that are bigger than the political culture and you cannot compromise the parties. For example, Starlift steel band participate with us big time. But that’s an institution that’s even older than the New Democratic Party … and can’t be allowed to be compromised or contaminated by participating in a community event and people brand it,” Major Leacock stated.

The Central Kingstown MP noted that the members of Starlift in their own right support different political parties.

Meanwhile, last week Thursday’s honouring ceremony was the third and brought to 8 the number of persons so far honoured by the community group. The other persons/organization honoured before were: the late Walton ‘Tanny’ Peters, a songwriter and cultural artist; Starlift Steel Orchestra; calypsonian Kingsley ‘Hero’ Roberts; Dorothy Barrow and Monica Baisden.

Performances at the event came from Starlift Steel Orchestra, calypsonians ‘Azarra,’ and ‘Hero’ among others.

Proceeds from the annual event go towards purchasing items for Christmas packages to be donated to the less fortunate and elderly residents of the constituency.

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