Chester Cottage resident Setra Harry, alias ‘Chucky,’ was sentenced to three years in prison last Thursday when magistrate Bertie Pompey found her guilty of wounding Isaac Harywood.

Towards the conclusion of the trial at the Georgetown Magistrate Court last week Monday, the court heard from Harry’s 13- year-old son – a defense witness.

The witness, in his examination-in-chief, told the court that on February 24th, at about 7.00 p.m. he and his mother were walking up the road to a bar to play pool when they passed Isaac Haywood at his daughter’s gate. As they walked, he saw someone approach from behind, held his mother by her hair and boxed her twice in her eye.

“I cried and I ran home for my brother, Stephon Harry,” he told the court.

The witness said Stephon was his older brother and he related what happened. As they were returning to the scene, he saw his mother returning home.

The teenaged witness told the court he did not see his mother with any weapon and that she was attacked by the man.

During cross-examination by prosecutor Corlene Samuel , the witness said he saw Haywood approach them. He said he was the man they passed at the said gate.

The witness told the court he did not hear his mother say anything to Haywood neither did he hear Haywood say anything to his mother. He also said he did not hear anyone mention anything about an incident at Argyle and that he did not tell his mother to leave the man alone.

Asked about his mother’s eye, the witness said her eye was red when she received the box. He said she fell on the road and not in the drain.

The witness also told the court that his mother “had nothing at all” when the man attacked her and that he did not see her do anything to the man.

“I did not see her fall in any drain” the witness told the court when asked by the prosecutor who would be lying if the prosecution said his mother had stated that she fell into the drain.

A question was posed to him, suggesting that he abandoned his mother during the incident. He said that he ran home to tell his brother what happened.

On re-examination by defense lawyer Grant Connell, the witness was asked why he ran home to his bigger brother.

“Because, I can’t handle him,” he replied, referring to Haywood.

In closing submissions, the prosecutor said that Haywood gave evidence on December 3rd, 2018, that he was at his daughter’s gate going through his phone on the evening of February 24th, 2018, when he heard a voice say: “You know me name ‘Chucky and is you me come fuh.”

The prosecutor said Harry threatened to stab Haywood and she reminded him of an incident at Argyle.

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