The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) will be
focusing on a Volcanic Eruption Simulation during the Trade Winds
2019 exercise, which takes place in St. Vincent and the Grenadines
during the month of June.
This was revealed by Major Adam Thomson from the Canadian Armed
Forces during a workshop which was hosted by NEMO earlier this
Monday’s workshop focused on Public Affairs Crisis Communication
and Contingency Planning Best Practices.

Director of NEMO, Michelle Forbes says the program was held to
sensitize the various media units regarding how to disseminate important
information to members of the public during times of Disasters.

Major Adam Thomson from the Canadian Armed Forces says if a
Volcanic Eruption is to affect St. Vincent and the Grenadines there is a
lot of work which needs to be done to ensure that there is not mass panic
and chaos and he says the Trade Winds 2019 Exercise will address this
He also says that people must always be in a state of readiness for disasters

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