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Have you ever heard the saying “know all know nothing” well I heard that when I was a teenager in Kingstown when it was uttered by a teacher to the boy sitting next to me?

The closest I have been able to find resembling that saying is “A know nothing, know it all.” A Know-Nothing Know-It-All [KNKA] is a character who insists he or she knows everything; is always right; that they were the ”actual” original creator of an idea; and who generally has an extremely high opinion of themselves and their abilities when nothing could be further from the truth. They are grossly misinformed, or just lying, about everything they talk about with authority. They create nothing new and are ‘Ignorant of Their Own Ignorance.’ Their abilities could best be described as “scarce.” Such people are, in fact, the living definition of the word charlatan.

All this came to me last Sunday morning when thinking about Ralph Gonsalves and LIAT. Because I firmly believe the collapse of LIAT is caused by Gonsalves in his capacity as “A Know-Nothing Know-It-All.”

Saint Vincent in general, is a nation of BSrs and Gonsalves, if he wasn’t born with it, has acquired that trait over the years. But that’s where the old saying you cannot BS a BS comes into play. But Ralph can, and he did, that is what he has been doing for years with the Vincentian people.

Gonsalves knows just about nothing when it comes to running a large corporation, just as he seemingly knows nothing about running a government, certainly nothing about running an airline. The communist style of things is to throw money at operations and not expect any savings or any profit. Keep in mind what Gonsalves once said about LIAT “I just [told] you that a regional airline like LIAT, which is going about here, don’t look for it to make any profit.”

I had to laugh out loud when researching this subject when I came across a 2014 article by Peter Binose that called all those involved in LIAT such as Gonsalves “know all know nothing pratts,” turns out he was spot on correct with his analysis.

What is quite amusing was when Gonsalves made all the fuss about Caribbean Air being supplied with cheap fuel by Trinidad. He said that it was unfair because it was subsidizing them. Isn’t the continual funding of LIAT also subsidizing, because without this continuing payment of subsidies they would collapse?

Gonsalves boy, please take the advice of independent spokesman on Argyle airport and tourism, KNKA extraordinaire, C. ben-David, and sell LIAT. Allowing it to be run by the Caribbean socialists is like throwing money into a bucket with no bottom. Worse still allowing Gonsalves to be involved in LIAT is like throwing money into a very large bottom with no bucket.


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