Community Activist and Journalist Kenville Horne have come to the assistance of the Westwood Methodist School by donating a number of items in an effort to boost the school’s poultry project.

Speaking at a presentation ceremony at the school last Wednesday, Horne said that around April 16th or 17th he was scrolling through his Facebook feed when he saw a call for assistance from the Westwood Methodist School for assistance. “It instantly appealed to me that a school is looking for help to start a poultry project. Because more often the students have their holidays and they are idle, they are not occupying enough. So with this project coming on stream I think it would be a very vital thing for these kids,” said the community activist.

Another reason Horne said that he felt the need to help is that be believes the project can help the students develop a business mindset. “I want to encourage a sort of business mindset within our young people because they left school and are looking for jobs, but if we can find some way of teaching these kids to be independent, to be responsible, then that can go a long way in changing the general happening in our country, So I felt compel to assist,” said Horne who is also the founder of a sports academy in the neighboring community of Rose Hall. He said that he reached out to the school and they would have sent a budget but he wanted to exceed the budget. “I wanted to give more than they have asked for and am happy that I was able to go a little extra mile,” said Horne.

The donation includes 36 boilers chicken, water bottle, feeders and feeds. Horne promised that the school will get some more assistance going forward as the program advance and he is appealing to persons to come forward and assist the school. He also told the students that the donation offers them the opportunity to be independent minded and they must take care of chickens so that in the future the school and students can earn some money. “From the experience you yourself can start you own project,” He told the students.

Clarence Crook who overlooks the project said that Horne is a person who comes to the aid of communities in North leeward. “He answered our call and is here today donating these items to us,” said Crook while expressing thanks to Horne for his generosity.

Principal of the Westwood Methodist, Pearlette Harry expressed thanks to Horne for his thoughtfulness. “It was quite a short notice and he just stepped in and offered to give assistance which we very much appreciate,” said Harry.

Speaking on behalf of the students, Grade 6 student Garvin Farrell expressed thanks to Horne. “We will be feeding them every day and take good care of them so we can earn money and buy stuff for the school,” promised Farrell.