A twenty six-year old single mother of three who was physically abused has resorted to writing as a way to becoming successful in life.

Nashika Davis known as “Mother Power” to many is the newest journalist at SVG TV.

She hails from a small village in West St George called Ashburton.

Nashika, a graduate of the St Vincent Girls High School did not complete her tertiary education because of her “close pregnancies” she said.

In an interview with ANN News, Davis claims that throughout her young life she was faced with abuse of every kind, physical, emotional and verbal.

She stated that the various types of abuse were inflicted upon her by people at her home, in her relationships, at work and even from the church she attended.

Though Davis has gone through many struggles, she still pushes towards becoming great.

At the age of 9 years old, Nashika’s greatest aspiration came from the Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines who was born in the same month as her.

Her aim is to become the first female Prime Minister in SVG and to be a great writer like him.

She noted that she always she was just as smart and was a visionary like him.

Davis said following her last physical abuse by her child’s father which resulted in him being deported to Jamaica, she turned to writing as a way to vent and release pain.

She also said becoming very active in church aided in channeling her energies in positive ways..

Nashika then met a police with whom she fell in love but felt shy in his presence. Thus, she employed poetry as a means to communicate with him.

Nashika said bit by bit she was able to write different genres. She started writing songs, short stories, poems, plays and everything one can think of.

In the year of 2016, Nashika was now a christian with a strong desire to help others thought that writing a book to share her experience would be ideal.

She believed that her negative experience and even some of her naughty behaviours, people hearing her story could learn from her mistakes. In addition because she was a christian, she wanted her testimony to speak of the greatness of God. This is why she decided to name her book “Her mess Becomes Her Message”.

Davis said writing a book was not easy as quite a number of persons considered her to be crazy and mocked her idea.

She claimed she was taunted at times and told “to stop writing the foolish book and find a man to mind her kids”.

Being the ambitous woman she is, she never gave up on her dream.

Having completed her book in 2018, she was now faced with financial problems because she did not have a permanent job. She was just on the YES Programme and had her three girls to take care of with the meagre pay..

Wanting to get her book edited, she went everywhere seeking help. She also visited her role model’s office and though she was not recognised, this did not daunt her spirit. She was determined to have her book published.

One day, someone suggested that she asks Cecil “Blazer” Williams. She pursued this and got some help from him until he became very busy.

Unfortunately, she lost the stint on the YES Programme after three (3) years and wanted to commit suicide because she felt that persons who considered close to her reported that she was there too long. This was a setback as she was unable to take care of her children and could not publish her book.

She is grateful to God for sending a good friend, a young camera man at SVG TV who spoke to her and heard about her book. He encouraged her to apply to the TV Station and he took all her papers when she put up a resistance .
She thanks god for Roger and other staff at SVG TV for accepting her so that she can take care of her children and publish her books.

At the time of publishing this story, her first book is in the process of editing and publishing and she is writing two (2) other books “Love Arrests Twin Game”. This is about a girl who was in love with a police officer who she felt a great connection with and the escape from a deadly incurable disease.

Nashika is also an artiste who goes by the sobriquet “D Queen”. Her first gospel song “Born to Live” will be out soon and is being recorded and mixed by Starz Studio in Barrouallie.

She encourages the youths especially young single mothers to value themselves and become independent. She also encourages them to not become defeated by the struggles they are facing because as she claims “it is just for a time until they reach to the next level”.

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