A returning national was reportedly robbed and shot by two assailants in the Ratho Mill area around 5:45 pm Friday, July 12.

According to reports reaching Asbert News Network (ANN) the victim, was robbed of her handbag which contained items including credit, cash, mobile phone among other items.

She was shot in the right leg, and has since received medical attention and discharged.

The victim is a Vincentian national who now resides in Toronto, Canada who had returned home for a family reunion.

Back in August 2018, a report was made that another Vincentian returning national and her daughter were robbed at gunpoint in the Villa area.

The circumstances in that incident are that 54-year-old Christa Gumbs and her 26-year-old daughter, Olivia Kirby – both who now reside in Boston, Massachusetts in the United States had left the hotel they were staying to go to a restaurant to have dinner.

At about 9:30, they left the restaurant opting to use the gate to the boardwalk on the water fronty when they were accosted by an adult male and two youths, and were relieved of a pocket book containing US$100, the keys to their room and an IPhone.

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