At 3:40 pm on Saturday July 20, 2019, motor omnibus HX819, a white Nissan Caravan, owned and driven by Mr. Ashaki Dellimore of South Rivers and motor vehicle (M/V) T14, an orange and blue pick-up truck owned by Finishing and Furnishing and driven by Mr. Omri Mayers of Brighton collided on the Argyle Public Road in the vicinity of “Still Waters Resort”. Both vehicles were badly damaged. M/V HX819 was travelling from Kingstown towards Biabou with seventeen (17) passengers while M/V T 14 was exiting the junction at Still Waters Resort heading towards Brighton. 

As a consequence of the collision, M/V HX819 veered off the road and ran into the perimeter fence of the Argyle International Airport (AIA) resulting in some of the passengers in M/V HX819 including the driver  sustaining minor and serious injuries including broken limbs. The driver of M/V T14 was also injured.

The injured persons were taken to the Georgetown Hospital, Stubbs Polly Clinic and the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) respectively where they received medical attention.

The majority of the victims were treated and released while four (4) still remain hospitalized at the MCMH.

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