The Playaz Youth Academy (PYA) is again hosting its summer programme for the nation’s young basketball enthusiasts.

The second summer programme got off to an exciting start last Monday at the Arnos Vale Sports Complex with over 40 of the nation’s youth in training.

The young basketball enthusiasts are learning basic skills in shooting, dribbling, defending, rebounding and passing. Apart from the sport itself, they are also learning about social issues and are given motivational speeches by career professionals.

The  start of the basketball training programme was preceded by an official opening ceremony which heard remarks from coaches and a representative of the local basketball federation.

President of the local Basketball Federation …. Providence, addressing the opening ceremony said he was “swelling with pride at the work that is being done” by the Playaz Youth Academy.

“Youth development is the ultimate focus. And that’s where our country lies in developing our youth. And the sport of basketball is one of the greatest avenues… for us to ensure this development takes place,” Providence said.

The local basketball federation president wished the programme great success.

Senior basketball coach and foundation member of PYA, Orlando Foster said that when the programme was initiated the focus was not on scholarship or education but merely to find a way for the youth to occupy their time doing something positive and to stay out of trouble. Then as time went on, education and scholarship became a major focus.

Fergusson expressed gratitude to parents for their support and to the sponsors, without whom the programme would not be a success.

Basketball coach and recruiter Mack Cleveland of California, USA, is expected to arrive here as a special guest during the camp. He will be scouting for talent among the youth.

The basketball youth training programme runs for two weeks. n

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