Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP)   Miss Sejilla Mc Dowall has  appealed the sentences imposed by Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett, in the matter involving 70-year-old Lancelot Ollivierre of Bequia . Ollivierre was given an 18- month suspended sentence for a year, after he was found guilty of  indecently assaulting a 6 year old child.

Efforts by ANN to reach the DPP on Saturday were unsuccessful, however, Senior Prosecutor in the DPP’s office, Karim Nelson, confirmed that the appeal was filed last Tuesday. He disclosed that it was filed on two grounds : The Learned Magistrate erred in imposing a suspended sentence. The sentence was unduly lenient having regard to the circumstances of the case. Nelson also told ANN that “the  next sitting of the appeal is in October, but this matter will not likely be called then. I expect to see it on the list for the following sitting”.

Ollivierre will remain free until the appeal is heard.

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  1. What the ass is wrong with this Magistrate? Suspended sentence? This is sheer and utter nonsense. This hardback nasty excuse for a man molested a 6yr old and he talking pure piss about suspended sentence. I wonder how he would feel if it was his daughter or granddaughter and a Magistrate handed down such a sentence? I think it’s time for some persons to vacate the bench when this is the sort of sentence they see fit for such a crime 😠😡😡😡😡😡😠

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