(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – AFTER robbing a woman and forcing her to touch his private parts, a thief kissed his victim on her cheek and said goodbye.

The victim is a secretary at a San Fernando business place, police said. The incident occurred around 10.15 a.m. while she was at her workplace.

The victim reported that the man walked into the business place and asked her to give him $17 to travel home.

She told police that pulled out her wallet and she gave him $30. She said he shook her hand in gratitude, turned and walked to the door.

However then he turned and walked back to her, grabbed her left arm, and demanded all of the cash in her wallet.

The woman told officers that she became afraid and handed over a further $540.

She said he took the money, and placed her hand on his private parts, then planted a kiss on her cheek.

He walked out of the premises and escaped.

The woman told other employees of the incident and PC Crawford and other officers of the San Fernando responded.

Police were given a description of the man and searched for him, but he was not found.

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