Football teams and clubs which participate in tournaments administered by the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF) have been encouraged to get their houses in order.

President of the SVGFF Marvin Fraser made the appeal as he addressed them Saturday 28th September during a workshop at the Xpert Computer Conference Room.

Fraser underscored the need for the teams/clubs to become better administered organisations, in light of the changes that are taking place in the sport.

“If we want Football to continue in St Vincent and the Grenadines, we have to get things done properly … We have to professionalise our clubs,” Fraser affirmed.

At present, clubs/teams are going through the licensing process to become aligned to statutes laid done by CONCACAF and FIFA.

Among the requirements is that clubs register their database directly with FIFA and CONCACAF, hence the workshop was staged to train personnel in the process.

“We cannot have a National Club Championships without these things put in place, or it will be just another year of playing Football, getting trophies, getting prize monies and nothing else after that,” Fraser assessed.

Additionally, Fraser reiterated that the Football units must have female teams, assigned club officials, youth programmes and certified coaches.

Fraser, though, acknowledged that the clubs/teams must get some help to move them to the next administrative level.

“We understand the support that is necessary going forward for all clubs, and we are willing to provide that, (so) we are upping the financial support to all clubs and leagues before the next National Club Championships,” Fraser revealed.

“You will no longer be starting with $2000 (as club assistance)… It is going to be more than that, and because of that, we are encouraging you to get your house in order,” the SVGFF President related.

Fraser noted that the extent of the assistance will be commensurate with the level of organization, to include administrative structure, that is in place in clubs/teams.
“People don’t like change, and people don’t want to adhere to things they not accustomed to; but this (change) is not coming from the SVG Football Federation… This is a FIFA/ CONCACAF thing, and you have to get with the programme”, Fraser advised the clubs/teams’ personnel present.(VIN)

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