Taiwan occupies an important geo-strategic location and, despite international challenges, it has remained firm in upholding the core values of democracy and freedom.
And according to Ambassador Calvin Ho, Taiwan’s ambassador to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, his government intends to continue to pursue policies that promote national prosperity and public wellbeing. 
H.E Ho expressed the sentiments while speaking at the annual Reception to commemorate the Republic of China (Taiwan) National Day, celebrated on October 10. 
The reception was held last Tuesday at the Methodist Church Hall in Kingstown, and the Ambassador contended that Taiwan has played a crucial and indispensable role in regional development, and enjoys high levels of connectivity and complementary relations with many countries in the region. 
“As a mature democracy, Taiwan also plays a responsible and constructive role in the international community,” H.E Ho said. 
He further said that his government will also continue to work with the country’s industries in an effort to share their knowledge in areas such as smart technology and innovation, agriculture, culture, health care, education and social welfare. 
But even with all the advances and even as Taiwan moves forward establishing and executing its goals, there are still some that remain elusive. 
H.E Ho said that his country did not receive an invitation to attend the 72nd World Health Assembly back in May this year. 
“However, 15 diplomatic allies, including St. Vincent and the Grenadines, spoke up in support of Taiwan,” the ambassador said.
Elsewhere, Ambassador Ho said that his government had launched a bid for participation in the United Nations and again, diplomatic allies have pledged support for the island nation. 
“In this regard, my government will continue to forge stronger value-based links, and build a strategically important and unassailable position for Taiwan” the ambassador said.
“We will also seek accession to the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership and meaningful participation in some prominent international organizations and mechanisms such as the World Health Organization, International Civil Aviation Organization, International Criminal Police Organization, and United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and so on,” he continued.
He then expressed gratitude to St Vincent and the Grenadines for what he called its unwavering and vocal endorsement for Taiwan’s international participation.

“We appreciate very much the appeal from Prime Minister Gonsalves to the United Nations for affirming the perspectives and support of Taiwan to Vincentian’s developmental aspirations, (that) Taiwan has proven to be more than deserving of a meaningful role in the specialized agencies and bodies of the United Nations, during his speech at the UN General Debate just a week ago,” H.E Ho said.(The Vin)