An investigation has been launched into the misappropriation of funds in the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadidines Police force accounts department.

ANN has been reliably informed that over one hundred and seventy five thousand dollars (175,000) is unaccounted for there.

A source tells ANN that a Junior Clerk, assigned to the Accounts Department as a Votes Clerk, over the past few years has been entering invoices for an individual in Victoria Village, Stubbs for supplying tyres to the police Transport.

According to the source, the officer found a way to have these claims approved on the Smart stream system.

After approval was granted through the system, the officer would then produce orders for the Office Attendant to collect the cheque from the treasury department.

ANN understands that the treasury deptartment picked up on these transactions and the officer was cautioned. nopThe source is also saying that the officer found another way to beat the system and continued with these transactions until the Audit department stepped in and queried the transactions.

Both the Office Attendant and the Junior Clerk were sent on Vacation leave by the Service Commissions Department. The clerk up until the end of December and the office attendant until November.

Investigations are ongoing to determine the next course of action the Source says.

ANN will continue to update you on further developments in this matter .


  1. What happens next depends on which party they belong to. If its ULP they will get their job back and be promoted.

  2. Nothing ever happens…how many persons misappropriated funds from Inland Revenue and other Ministries and all they ever do isTRANSFER the problem…how many teachers had sexual intercourse with students under their authority -and all they did was transfer the problem…how many nurse dispense wrong medications to patients causing death or complications – and all they do is TRANSFER!! Strewps..
    Wait until one of the victims is Mr. Such and so child and you will see a different response!!

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