Police have charged Leje “Soup’ Alexander with attempted murder of Mr. Lionel “Gabler” George on Thursday 7th, Nov 2019.

Alexander was charged that on Tuesday 5th November at about 9:02 am, he left the direction of Gonsalves Liqours and pointed a gun at George firing several bullets at George.

The police later issued a warning bulletin for Alexander. A few hours later on that day, he turned himself into the police accompanied by Lawyer Grant Connell .

ANN caught up with Connell while leaving station on Thursday evening , who confirmed Alexander being charged.

Connell told ANN that during the interview with the police on Thursday 7th November Alexander did presented an alibi at the time of the shooting, according to a reliable source .

However, Alexander was charged before the alibi was checked, Connell told ANN .

Connell told ANN ” that police said the alibi would be checked later ” Usual cart before the horse approach by the police, Connell went onto to say .

Alexander is expected to appear at the Serious Offenses Court on Friday 8th November.

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