Concerns are being raised as family members of twenty-three year old Kurtland Jack of Campden Park are facing the challenges of coming up with over EC$40,000 for a surgery to stabilise his broken neck. Jack, an auxiliary police officer, was injured in the line of duty at Heritage Square on November 22nd, 2019.

Jack at the hospital

He was among three persons shot  that night at the popular entertainment spot.

A medical report says that Jack C7 vertebra or neck bone is shattered and his spinal cord is permanently damaged, therefore his lower limbs are paralyzed. Because his neck is broken, his head falls forward. Also he has no bladder nor bowel control.

 To stabilise his neck so that he can sit upright in a wheelchair, surgery is required. Jack  family have been referred to a neurosurgeon overseas. It is being proposed that the surgery will be done at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

 Preliminary estimates for the surgeon’s travel, accommodation, purchase and rental of items to facilitate the surgery, plus the charge for the operation, among other costs, amount to just over US$15,000 ( just over EC$41,000).

The total cost, however, may increase according to any additional expenses which may arise out of the use of the hospital. The family has been asked to provide information as to the source of funding for the surgery.

The question being asked is why the state has not being made to bare  the cost of the surgery, especially in light of the situation where the auxiliary police officer was performing his lawful

Tyson Spencer, 30, from Green Hill was charged with one (1) count of Attempted Murder and two (2) counts of Wounding with Intent.

The accused appeared befire  the Serious Offences Court on Monday December 2nd, 2019, charged that on November 22nd, at Heritage Square, armed with a gun, he attempted to murder Kurtland  Jack, of Campden Park.

He was further charged that on the same date and place, he unlawfully and maliciously wounded Wayne Peters, of Kingstown Hill, and Deron Quashie, of Choppins.

He was remanded in custody

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