Concerns are now being raised over what is said to be the mysterious death of 58-year old Arnotte Hope of Pole Yard last weekend.

Hope was shot in the groin in his yard last Friday afternoon, underwent surgery and by Sunday he was dead – but allegedly not a direct result of the gunshot wounds.

It is alleged that a ‘forcep’ used in the surgery was left inside him after he was stitched up.

It is alleged that the instrument was discovered missing after a check-off on instruments used in the surgery found that one was missing. It is understood that an alarm was raised and the belief expressed that the instrument was sewn up inside the patient but nothing was done.

However, the following day, Saturday, Hope was taken for x-ray which revealed the instrument inside.
During interviews on Tuesday, some of Hope’s family members were questioned about the ‘forceps’ having allegedly been stitched up in him.

They were, however, unable to confirm it even though they spoke of having heard the allegation.

Lawyer Israel Bruce, representing Hope’s family, was very cagey when questioned about the allegation.

“The most I can tell you all, there is a death; the family is struggling with that reality. I am here to help the family see through that very first aspect of it,” Bruce said.

The lawyer added: “The circumstances of the death is being looked at. And, once we get past the stage of dealing with the body… and the family has resolved the issue of laying the remains to rest, if there are other matters to be addressed we will address them in a timely fashion.”

It is understood that an autopsy was done on Monday.

However, up to press time the findings were not disclosed.

Bruce and Hope’s family members are awaiting the results of the autopsy which is expected to become public tomorrow.

One of Hope’s brother … described him as a “quiet guy” who “geh along with everybody.”

He said he had “no idea at all” why anyone wanted to shoot Hope.

It is alleged that someone went to Hope’s yard, sat down and asked about another individual. Hope, who was cooking, told the man to get out of the yard. As he turned to go back into the house, the man allegedly shot him.

Meanwhile, Hope was said to have been shot in the groin and was in a stable condition following the surgery on Friday afternoon.

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