Forty eight (48) year old Peter David ‘Addick’ Yearwood took his last steps today, Monday 20th January 2020, in the public bath and toilet facilities situated at Lingley Street on Lower Bay Street, Kingstown.

His defacto landlady, Rosita ‘My Own’ Jack told ANN “one dem girls come call me say Addick fall down in the bathroom. When I go peep I just tun back and tell them he gone, he dead.” At some point a community member reported the body to a patroling traffic police officer.

Jack remembered Addick as a well loved and genuinely generous person who “could just sit down with a plate of food and if you ask him to run go get something up the road, he puttin’ down the plate… He nuh like tell people wait…” Addick slept in a room on Jack’s property for over thirty (30) years; along with Curtis ‘Pip’ DeBique, whose funeral they attended yesterday. Pip died last December of kidney complications, Jack also said.

Yearwood younger brother Kenrick yearwood

It would appear that Addick, too, was afflicted with his own health challenges. As he was said to have suffered from “breakouts on his foot when he start to drink,” according to Jack.

The deceased was not drinking today though.

He was reported to have been abstaining for the longest while – a precaution urged by his doctor during his last hospitalization.

Kenrick ‘Paulie’ Yearwood, Addick’s younger brother is confident that there is little chance of foul play involved with his brother’s death. Since his “… brother was a loving youth in the community…

He used to clean a lot fish for people. Give a lot of friends fish too, you know? Help out a lot of people still nah… People call and sen’ him out and he don’t say no,” Paulie said while reflecting on his loss. He recalled his brother as being anti-violence with health complaints. Addick, Paulie said, was complaining about his health over the last two weeks.

An observation also corroborated by Rosita Jack who mentioned telling him “since last week…yo look like yo want blood,” as his complexion had changed drastically.

Paulie also told ANN “we was painting deh nuh, and he tell me he going bathroom then somebody run come tell me the man fall down, when me go the man dead off… Me dig a horrors foo dah still cause he was me older brother.”

Today Sgt. Timm of the Royal SVG Police Force’s Major Crimes Unit is leading the official investigation and was too occupied with immediate duties to comment on the development. Peter David ‘Addick’ leaves to mourn his siblings Jasmine, Rolston and Kenrick Yearwood.

The wider Bottom Town community is also saddened to lose him.

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