On February 2 2020 two of SVG’s soca heavyweights would take to the International Soca Monarch’s semi-finals stage in Arima Velodrome. Problem Child finds himself amongst such noteworthy contenders as Iwer George, Shal Marshall, Olatunji, Lyrikal and more in the Power category.

On Sunday he told ANN that landing a semifinalist spot “put’s an even bigger spotlight on my career. More promotion to add to the recent surge in recognition and appreciation. I’m really only doing it so SVG can have some sort of representation.

Hopefully I acquire the support of the general public and the powers that be.” The Vincy Bad Boy as he is also known went further to say “the only real challenge is being able to execute the presentation I’d like to put on.

The bigger the presentation the more financially challenging it is. That’s always been the biggest challenge to me. Another challenge is remaining at ease and stress free. Things don’t always go according to plan in the days leading up to the actual competition.

Ideally if I’m able to accomplish my idea on stage, I should do pretty well. The song and my performances have already done what needs to be done here in Tnt. That financial security, it’s the defining factor.” He further explained to whom he was referring as ‘the powers that be.’

“Whoever is able to help in whatever way as it’s not really or only for my benefit… it would be sad that the entire islands stand a chance at being a part of [soca] history but fall short because of a lack of support . No one is obligated to assist but it would be nice. I really believe I can win .

I’m in the process of budgeting my presentation and that’s the most pivotal part at the moment.” With over 800 thousand veiws already racked up across multiple youtube channels since its 2019 release, ‘Nasty Up’ happens to be the contending song chosen by the three time Road March Monarch. It was produced by Wetty Beatz.

Meanwhile Evesham born Hance John is gearing up to do battle amongst the like of Bajan Marzville, St. Lucian Teddyson John, Grenada’s Skinny Banton and more for the groovy crown.

He was unavailable for comment. The 27 years old competition would climax, as it usually does, on Carnival Friday when Trinidad’s Swappi and Grenadian Mr. Killa is expected to defend their crowns.