Police Sources have confirmed reports of a chopping incident said to have occurred in Greiggs sometime on Wednesday evening.

A young lady was chopped about her face and has seemingly been blinded in at least one eye.

From information garnered through ANN investigations a possible motive for the yet non-fatal wounding is emerging.

An eyewitness account as recorded in what is believed to be a WhatsApp voice note is recorded below:

Unidentified Female: Gyel me ah tell yo de honest truth [name’s victim] nuh trouble dem, me ah go tell yuh how de ting go.

Ah down ah arhm Biabou all arwe bin gwine because [name’s victim] meet Ms J – no [name’s attacker] meet Ms J and tell Ms J dem ah break out she window ah dem an’ dem ah push she down pon she face so [name’s victim] been gwine mek complain ah Biabou. So dem deh ah wait foo e – arwe deh ah wait foo e ride.

Then [attacker’s name] come down ah … dem an [victim’s name] deh inna Ben 10 ah dem porch. So this was [name’s attacker] “ah deh yo have to sleep tonight an’ stap deh an’ feed pickney.” [Victim’s name] nuh study she she laugh.

Then [names two other females] ah dem deh up ah Shaka dehso. Right inna Shaka yard siddown pon e steps dehso.

All arwe go deh, so [names victim] en’ up an come deh. [name’s attacker and another female] dun go up anuh… [unintelligible]…then me dehdeh pon de wall stan’ up; me see, me see arhm she ah drag cutlass ah come down. Gyal me nar tell yo no lie how me frighten me bin haffu run jeds because she nuh do dem nutt’n.

An ah wan lang cutlass me ah tell yo. So [victim’s name] move, then she stan’ up. [Attacker’s name] truck she, she truck back [attacker].

Dah when [victim] start to handle [attacker] now and [second attacker] jump on now [attacker] do foo chap e gyel… she blind anuh. She cyar see outta e eye. She she she e liquid out she eye ah run me ah tell yo. Gyel me cry as gard becar me feel um, me tell yo? Me ah tremble.

But mommy tell me an dem tell me mus’n tell anybody nutt’n much because if me tell anybody anything me go have to go gee statement and me nuh war go ah courts.

Additionally a screenshot of what appears to be a WhatsApp message sent by the named second attacker has come to our attention.
The screenshot, time stamped at 9:43 p.m., shows a 5 second voice note sent at 2:55 p.m. with a response “she too bright yes” at 3:00 p.m. The designation ‘Today’ follows after which another message “me now chop up d girl dey” is shown as of 9:36 p.m.

The response “yuh lie” also follows at 9:36 p.m. after which follows a seventeen second voice note two seconds later. Then at 9:43 p.m. “[second attacker’s name] oh gosh” is the last message seen in the screenshot.

The two attackers have since been taken into police custody.

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