20 years old Angelique Alfred represented St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the annual Miss Caribe Pageant along with 5 other medical students attending the Latin American School of Medicine in Cuba.

On Saturday 15 February, the former SVG Girls’ High School student walked away with the 1st Runner Up title after copping three of the contested categories at the Teatro Americana en Havana, Cuba.

Wearing a Kimon Baptiste-St.Rose design ensured that Alfred dominated the Best Evening Wear category. She also wore swimwear designed by Anykha Sayers and won Best Costume while wearing another Piling Polard masterpiece. Angelique was also awarded Miss Photogenic.

This “small pageant,” according to dominicanewsonline.com, is an avenue “where young women represent their countries under a theme related to the diverse cultural aspects of the Caribbean region.”

Also competing were Dominique Whitely Miss Jamaica, Ateila Bobb Miss Antigua & Barbuda, Donna Liverpool Miss Dominica, Petreuse Edwards Miss St. Lucia and Charlize Adams Miss Bahamas.

Zelinque Cuffy and Tiffany Dick chaperoned the beautiful Vincentian contestant.

A release from team Alfred thanked Kimon Baptiste-St.Rose, Piling Polard, Anykha Sayers, Karen Viera and Chaine Browne “for their contributions to making this a successful venture.”