An employee of a prominent financial institution here was “picked up” around 3 p.m. on Monday, by members of the Criminal Investigations Division of the Royal SVG Police Force. Sources say she was the first of several persons found to be conversing with murder accused Veron Primus via WhatsApp.

Asbert News Network was reliably informed that she “smashed her phone on the floor when they police approach her at her workplace ” The alleged conspirator is said to hail from Green Hill, on the outskirts of capital city Kingstown.

Reports are that a prison-wide raid conducted by prison officers on March 26th turned up a bounty of illegally kept cellular phones and related contraband. One phone was believed to belong to Primus who, we were told, denied it. A subsequent search of the device confirmed its ownership.

“Primus came to the attention of law enforcement after a 24-year-old Vermont woman, Mewanah Hadaway accused him of holding her hostage for four months ending April 2016.

“After he was charged in St. Vincent, prosecutors in New York went on to indict him … in connection with the murder in 2006 of one of his female teenage friends.”

Primus reemerged on the national radar with his daring walkout of the maximum security wing of the local prison. His jailhouse escape took place sometime “between September 30 and October 1, 2019, at Kingstown, while being held on remand at Her Majesty’s Prisons,” another article from the online media outlet chronicled.

He is currently serving a 16-month sentence for that infraction having been convicted by Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne one day later. His time on remand continues as the murder case is yet to be ventilated in open Court.

It is alleged that, “Primus was basically running a business off his phone.” His primary source of income, we were told, comes through mobile phone top-up sales.

“It is also alleged that persons would have purchased phones from him in the prisons,” one source said.

We understand Primus’ commissary tab came in for some scrutiny since “when he goes to make shopping – there’s a place in the prison where they normally go and make shopping – Veron’s groceries are always over one hundred and something dollars.

“They found other phones from other persons in the prisons. Persons would have been conducting business on phones with persons outside,” of Her Majesty’s Prisons,” the ANN informant also disclosed.

At least one prisoner’s phone has supposedly turned up current, direct links to a local politician. Asbert News Network was told , “he even got the politician to make calls to get persons transferred to Belle Isle.”

Investigations are ongoing.

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