A man who refused to wear a mask to conduct business at a bank in Tobago was arrested on Friday.

The arrest of the man occurred at the entrance of RBC, and unfolded to the social media viewing public as he went ‘live’ on Facebook for 20 minutes of the ordeal.

Many social media users criticised him on his stance, and advised him to cooperate with the policy of “No Mask, no service” to prevent the Covid-19 virus as advised has been handed down by the Government.

The man was arrested by a police officer after he was cautioned of the offence of disorderly conduct, and asked to leave the front entrance of the premises.

The man said he understood the caution, but did not move from where he stood.

The officer placed the handcuffs on the man and removed him from the compound of the bank.

Earlier as he stood outside the doors of the bank, he explained his position to other customers.

“Because of the mask I am not entitled to come into the bank for service. That’s rubbish. I came to do business. I didn’t come to beg anyone for anything. I came to do my deposit just regular, just like everyone else. Why should I be treated differently? Then you have the MI 4 security officers and and Amalgamated security officer putting their hands on me for what? There is no law that says it requires me to wear a mask. if you have something put it in law. People can’t be upsetting me for that. I am facing discrimination. The manager is saying to me ‘I will not be entitled to service’. It’s my money that pays their bills at the end of the day. I came to do a transaction peacefully and get out”, he said.

Several customers attempted to reason with the man to which he responded, “I told the officer you need to wear the mask if you are sick. I told the officer ‘I am not sick’,”.

He added, “If they want to take me to the task, then they will really have to take me to the task. The problem is that Tobagonians don’t stand up for their rights, so anything happens in this country. I am paying my taxes and at the end of the day I have to go through this, not at all”.

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