The dress code for Parliamentarians will come under scrutiny.

Speaker of the House Carlos James has taken the lead in encouraging members of the House to begin to discuss the issue of dress as it obtains presently for members.

 Speaker of the House, Carlos James called for members to meet to discuss the issue. 

“It is one of the things that we have to look at,” James said in Parliament on June 22. 

He noted, for example, that some of the air conditioning units were not functioning and that he had to adorn a robe. 

Members of the House are usually clad in suits, but according to the Speaker, the issue needed to be looked at in order to determine that in these modern times, whether a more relaxed, yet formal dress code would be accepted. 

The Speaker of the House said also that he wanted to take a look at the Rules of the House in the hope of making some much needed amendments. 

In this vein, James said that he wanted to explore the idea of facilitating virtual meetings. 

“Not just within the issues relating to COVID-19 but also in times of emergencies and disasters. There may be the need to meet to address an important issue,” he said.

“The rules will have to facilitate whether or not we can focus on having virtual hearings at some point in the future as we move into a more technologically inclined era,” James continued. (THEVIN)