Prime Minister Gaston Browne has rejected any idea of the Trinidad-based Caribbean Airlines replacing LIAT which is about to go belly up.

Browne made the remarks while considering how regional travel will be facilitated with the pending liquidation of LIAT.

He told Observer Radio that Antigua would sooner start a scaled down LIAT, on its own, rather than to give Caribbean Airlines a monopoly.

“And in terms of those who are suggesting CAL, giving CAL, a monopoly on the provision of air services within CARICOM, I am totally opposed to that, 1 million percent opposed to that,” Browne said.

He said Trinidad already enjoys being the supermarket of the Caribbean.

“Trinidad cannot literally be supplying all our food, the supermarket of the Caribbean and now just come and try monopolize air services or transportation, I will never agree to that. As I said the benefits of Caricom should be shared,” the prime minister stated.

“We are of the view that there ought to be a sub-regional airline,” he added.

Source:(Antigua News Room)


  1. Gaston Browne is not serious. I hope Gonsalves does not put one cent of Vincentian money into a new LIAT. Can’t he see that LIAT is a colossal failure that cannot be resurrected?
    He is indeed a selfish man. Efficiency is needed in making an airline profitable. Once Caribbean Airlines can service the region without governments squandering more money, I am all for it.
    Antigua will have to stand the bill fully.

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